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Why Arcanum Sports Performance and Recovery?

Most athletes don’t know that there is a giant neuroreceptor system in the body that, if supplemented, could expedite recovery and accelerate performance.

Supplementing with activated hemp has been shown to enhance cellular communications and cellular health.

By reversing a deficiency in your Endocannabinoid System, athletes can decrease recovery time, alleviate soreness and symptoms of overuse and injury, maximize mitochondrial output, improve memory and bring the body back to its natural state of balance (homeostasis). Activated hemp improves the human body in totality.

What sets Arcanum apart in the field of activated hemp? We worked with trusted industry leader Mary’s Nutritionals to create performance and recovery products that will transform your body from the inside out.

It’s time to get proactive instead of reactive.

Arcanum Mission

A portion of every Arcanum Sports Performance purchase is dedicated to providing and funding alternative health options for United States Veterans.

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