Mandy Martin


Fitness Occupation:
NPC Bikini Competitor, USAPL and USPA 63kg Powerlifter, Lightweight Womens Strongman Competitor

Started my fitness journey when I was a Heavy Equipment operator at a coal mine. I went from bussing tables to sedentary work eating a crap diet. Put on 50 lbs and teetering towards 200lbs. Joined a gym and started Powerlifting type workouts. Leaned down and entered bikini competitions while training Powerlifting. This past year after a 4 year hiatus. I entered a Bikini competition and qualified for nationals. Second place at USAPL meet, and competed in my first Strongman meet. Currently training for The rumble in May for female lightweight Strongman to qualify for Strongman nationals.

I am excited to be working with Arcanum. Since moving to Colorado all I have heard of were the myriad of benefits of using activated hemp. That coupled with the fact that Powerlifting and Strongman tear your body up. So I was constantly in pain. Add to that my job as a bartender, tendinitis and rhomboid pain from babying the tendinitis. I absolutely love Sarco Freeze. I notice immediate pain relief. I use it prior to training and also following the workout. I love that it’s all organic products and that menthol gets me every time. I love it. I recover much faster and am able to get my sessions harder. I have since added twice a week event days. So that recovery has to be on point.

Nicole Higham


Fitness Occupation:
MAS wrestler


  • 1st place 2017 Beast of the Bluegrass
  • 1st place SOKY Iron Warrior MAS wrestling
  • 1st place Ft. Lauderdale FitExpo Odd Haugen MAS Open Invite
  • Bronze Medal World Cup
  • Silver Medal 2017 Arnold Strength Classic International MAS Invitational
  • 1st place Mammoth Strength Challenge in HW Strongman, Grip, and MAS Wrestling

I am 22 and I am the walking talking definition of not giving up. May 24h 2017, at the age of 21, at the very start of my career as a strength athlete I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer and was told by my doctors to stop training and competing. They told me if I didn’t stop willingly it wouldn’t matter, that eventually I wouldn’t be able to anyways. 4 gold medals and 2 international titles later I would say I proved them wrong! Luckily December 23, 2017 I was declared cancer free! I am excited to tackle this season 100% healthy! Cancer gave me a zeal and appreciation for life I didn’t have before.

When I’m not training and competing I love hiking, eating, and spending time with friends and family. I have 2 pets, a red nose pit-bull and a costa rican zebra tarantula. I see every moment as an opportunity in life whether big or small! I try and live by a simple quote: “Once upon a time you were a little girl who big dreams that you promised you’d make come true, don’t let her down”. I don’t plan on it.

Julia Dars


Fitness Occupation:
Strongman (NAS and USS)


  • NPC Bikini Athlete
  • Personal Fitness Trainer

I’m proud to be a certified personal trainer. This is my passion! I live to help people reach their goals and unlock their true potential – it is truly a thrill for me. I have a knack for boosting others’ self-confidence, giving them a new lease on life. When someone tells me I have made a difference, I smile. Personal training is more than just a job for me. I think of it as a calling. I am a fierce competitor as well – I have placed in the top 5 in New York every time I have entered a competition, and in 2018, I’ve placed first at the Arnold Classic, an achievement of which I am particularly happy!

Every day, I am in the gym, improving myself, moving closer to my goals, stretching my own boundaries – I want to show you how to do the same! Fitness is an addiction for me. I think that everyone should find at least three hours in their schedule for gym time, and I encourage my clients to push themselves and to demand more of themselves. It is always possible to do more!

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