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  • “Sarco Freeze is my favorite after high intensity workouts.  I put it on my quads, hamstrings, and traps, my muscles have never been so relaxed and pain free afterwards.  As someone with constantly tight muscles, I am happy to add this to my self care plan!”

    EmilyUSA Powerlifting
  • "I have been training consistently for 20 years, and although I have managed to stay injury free for most of the years, I certainly have not been ache free. Before it was easy to recover from a hard training session by getting all the sleep needed; however, now with 2 babies sleep doesn’t happen much. So, the Quill has been amazing for my recovery and ache control. I feel like even my sleep has improved since I started using it!"

  • The “secret sauce!”

    Glendale Raptors Professional Rugby Team(nickname for Sarco Freeze)
  • "After playing running back for nine seasons in the NFL it was normal for my body to feel worn down, until I discovered Arcanum’s activated hemp products.  My favorite product is the Sarco Freeze, I feel immediate relief when I apply it to my skin.  My overall well-being has improved dramatically since I started using the product 6 months ago.  No more discomfort.  No more muscle or joint irritation.  Arcanum’s activated hemp products deliver a refreshing feeling with immediate results so I can train harder and recover faster.”

    Reuben DroughnsRetired NFL Star and Super Bowl Champion
  • "As a massage therapist, I love the idea of providing another tier of benefits to the athletes I work with.  Now I can off all the benefits of massage PLUS the benefits of Arcanum’s full spectrum activated hemp.  I also noticed that the product helps my recovery--my hands have never felt better and it proactively helps ease any soreness."

    KimAge 40
  • “After many years participating in contact sports I have an assortment of aches and pains and I find the Arcanum Quill and Freeze to relieve my physical discomfort within about 10 minutes of applying the product.  It has made a difference in the quality of my daily life.”

  • "I want to thank the people who have given us Arcanum products.  I am a grandma..ish person with many old injuries due to a car accident in my teens. I have and am leading an active life, including hiking, biking, scuba diving, and daily weight training and conditioning.   I started using Arcanum in late January and, WOW, what a difference!  Sarco Freeze zaps my after workout soreness. It is letting me work my legs (fake knee and all) hard enough and consistent enough that I am actually making gains.  Strength is FUN!!"

  • "Fifteen years of professional rugby has understandably taken its toll on the body and remaining active since retiring hasn’t been without its difficulties. On discovering Arcanum’s activated hemp products, I feel like I have had a new lease of life not just when working out but for everyday living. Any joint irritation that had previously troubled me on a daily basis has subsided, allowing me to train more without the resulting discomfort. My go-to product is the Quill, which has not only helped me stay more active, it has also improved my sleep quality enabling me to feel more energised and productive throughout the day."

  • "I use the Sarco Freeze to ease my joint and osteoarthritis pain. I have been on Opioid Medications for years and found that Arcanum products has relieved better than Pills. I get no medical benefits from the VA as a Veteran, a Victim of a Sexual Assault that has caused my Fibromyalgia. 20+ years but found faster relief and recovery with Arcanum than any other product!"

    DarleneUS Veteran
  • "I have super sensitive skin and I’m prone to eczema breakouts on my legs and elbows.  I love Sarco Breeze as an every day moisturizer.  The activated hemp helps a ton with calming any flare-ups and the base does not leave your skin nearly as oily as coconut oil. I love Sarco Breeze and swear by it as my new body oil!"

    MakenzieAge 30
  • “My forearms have been so achy.  Sarco Freeze has been relieving that early morning ache and stiffness.  I also use it before and after workouts.”

    ShavisIFBB Pro
  • "WOW!!!  I got my order yesterday, took my first dose of the quill and was really impressed with how my body aches and pains faded.  I have terrible tingling in my feet from both diabetes and chemo.  It is practically gone today.  Yesterday the tingling was over most of my feet and my toes were practically numb.  Today I did an infusion of chemo.  I got all the premeds to prevent side effects, but nausea and headache both cropped up this evening.  15 minutes after taking a dose of CBD from the quill both the nausea and the headache were gone.  I am sooooo impressed, thank you very much, and thank you for your dedication to our vets, my husband did 30 years in the Navy, my son is at 18 and my daughter did 6."

  • "Body acne is very embarrassing.  My mom gave me Arcanum’s Sarco Breeze and it’s been very helpful in reducing my body acne.  I’ve stopped using any prescriptions too.  I like that the bottle is very neutral so I can put it in my gym bag and not feel like I’m using a product made for women."

    CodyAge 19
  • “The Quill literally saved my life.  I have spent years dealing with chronic migraines that left me contemplating suicide. I cannot even begin to tell you what this product has done for me."

    MiaAge 34
  • “Playing football in the NFL left me with a multitude of chronic injuries.  Thanks to Sarco Freeze and The Quill I was able to completely eliminate my use of opioids for pain management.  I feel like I have my life and my mind back!”

  • The most exciting clinical significance is that ALL of the athletes have reported reduce use and in some cases the elimination of the need of OTC non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs following practice and games. I am truly surprised by the unsolicited response of the athletes declarations of its physical benefit and response to use. TRY IT. IT WORKS.

    Richard I Quincy MS, PT, ATCHead Physio Glendale Raptors Rugby | Associate Medical Director MLR
  • “After competing in Ironman distance races and finishing top in my age group for years, I began to notice that I was not recovering as I had in the past, feeling tired and stressed out all of the time. I am the mother of 2 girls under the age of 5 and travel nonstop for my clients as a financial consultant. My exhaustion was so worrisome I considered stopping racing. On recommendation of my coach, I discovered The Quill. After just one week I noticed that my anxiety levels dropped and I am sleeping better than I have in months. I continue to train at a high level but wouldn’t consider it without Arcanum.”

    LizAge 42

Why Arcanum Sports Performance and Recovery?

Most athletes don’t know that there is a giant neuroreceptor system in the body that, if supplemented, could expedite recovery and accelerate performance. Supplementing with activated hemp has been shown to enhance cellular communications and cellular health. By reversing a deficiency in your Endocannabinoid System, athletes can decrease recovery time, alleviate soreness and symptoms of overuse and injury, maximize mitochondrial output, improve memory and bring the body back to its natural state of balance (homeostasis). Activated hemp improves the human body in totality. The Arcanum product suite is formulated for athletes by athletes and Ph.D. Biochemists to create performance and recovery products that will transform your body from the inside out. It’s time to get proactive instead of reactive.


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Arcanum Cause Mission

A portion of every Arcanum Sports Performance purchase is dedicated to providing and funding alternative health options for United States Veterans.